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PanzerGlass Samsung Galaxy S9 +,black Case Friendly + Clear Case

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pouzdro Ochranné sklo 0.4mm, zaoblené hrany, kvalitní ochrana displeje před rozbitím či poškrábáním, vysoká citlivost dotyku, snadná instalace bez bublin, rozšířená záruka... …
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PanzerGlass SUPER+ EDGEGRIP F SAMSUNG S9+ BLACK CASE FR, Čirá ochranná fólie na displej, Mobilní telefon/smartphone, Samsung, Galaxy S9+, Odolné proti poškrábání, Odolný proti nárazům, Černá

Úvodní popis
PanzerGlass SUPER+ EDGEGRIP F SAMSUNG S9+ BLACK CASE FR. Model: Čirá ochranná fólie na displej, Typ zařízení: Mobilní telefon/smartphone, Kompatibilita značky: Samsung, Kompatibilita: Galaxy S9+, Ochranné funkce: Odolné proti poškrábání, Odolný proti nárazům. Povrchová úprava: Lesklý, Materiál: Temperované sklo, Barva: Černá. Počet kusů v balení: 1 kusů

Protect your mobile device with a tempered glass screen protector from PanzerGlass™!

PanzerGlass screen protectors are much more than just screen protectors. As one of the leading screen protection brands in the market – providing tempered glass screen protectors for a vast variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops and Apple Watches. PanzerGlass represents the finest in impact resistance and shatter-proof technology. Our tempered glass screen protectors excel with their product qualities like strength, transparency and thickness.

When you buy a PanzerGlass screen protector for your device you buy a screen protector made of real glass with a surface that is 9H anti-scratch resistant and does not degrade transparency or contrast of the device. Before undergoing a tempering process, the shape of any PanzerGlass is carefully designed to ensure maximum protection while maintaining functionality of sensor and loudspeakers.

Each PanzerGlass undergoes a tempering process, which ensures the strongest protection available. The surface of the PanzerGlass is coated with an oleophobic layer that mirrors the touch and feel of the original display. The layer is both anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint (reduces fingerprint and smudge-marks).

PanzerGlass features a silicone adhesive that is optimised to match the screen of the device which is protected. This means that PanzerGlass is easy to install and stands the tests of time. For some smartphone and tablets, we utilise a DOT-technology instead of a silicone adhesive to ensure, that the PanzerGlass fits perfectly. It ensures a perfect touch anywhere on the screen and is combined with a stronger adhesive placed only along the edges, which keeps the protector firmly in place.

Below the PanzerGlass itself, there is an anti-shatter film. This means, that should the PanzerGlass break, the shards won't shatter but stay in place (please note, that depending on the impact it is not always possible to contain all shards).

To measure the strength of a glass many often refer to the Pencil Hardness scale ranging from 9B to 9H. In PanzerGlass we don’t refer to this scale, because it is a flawed way of looking at screen protector strength. Pencil hardness is measuring the possibility of scratching the surface of the glass. When a glass (protector) reaches 9H, which is not a difficult task to accomplish, it can never go above this, as it is the maximum value of the scale. This means, that most glass screen protectors are 9H (PET film is on the lowest point of the scale) – making it a rather hollow selling point.

A better way to view strength is by using the Mohs scale. This scale describes the hardness of the material and spans from 1 to 10. The reference of 10 is equivalent to diamond, while 1 is talcum. Now, obviously, diamond is more than 10 times stronger than talcum. In fact, it is 1.600 times stronger, meaning, that the scale is exponential. On this scale, PET film is a mere 1.0, since it is very fragile, while a normal tempered glass reaches 5.0. A normal PanzerGlass actually measures 6.5 and our Super+glass measures 7.0 – this is 20% stronger than our normal PanzerGlass.

Our product range covers PanzerGlass™ Super+Glass, PanzerGlass Standard Fit, PanzerGlass™ Edge-to-Edge and, PanzerGlass™ Curved glass, and PanzerGlass™ PET film. On top of that, there is BrandGlass™ by PanzerGlass™ – the perfect opportunity to personalise your smartphone or tablet while protecting it from harm – and PanzerGlass™ Privacy – a screen protector that protects the content of your screen from curious eyes.

All PanzerGlass have certain core features that you can count on:

Original PanzerGlass™
Not just any screen protector – it's a PanzerGlass!

Shock and scratch resistance
PanzerGlass protects your phone from scratches and absorbs the shocks instead of your screen.

Crystal Clear screen protection
PanzerGlass is completely transparent (with the exception of PanzerGlass Privacy) and does not degrade transparency or contrast of your smartphone, tablet, Apple Watch or laptop.

100% touch preservation
Your device will remain fully functional with a PanzerGlass on.

Oleophobic layer
Mirrors the touch and feel of your original screen and adds an anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating as well.

See all our product variations and read more about the different products below.

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