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Online USV Systeme Zinta 800

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ONLINE USV-Systeme ZINTO 800, Line-interaktivní, 800 VA, 720 W, 176 V, 274 V, 50/60 Hz; Úvodní popis; ONLINE USV-Systeme ZINTO 800. Kategorie zdrojů nepřerušovaného napájení: Line-interaktivní, Výstupní kapacita (VA): 800 VA, Výstupní …
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ONLINE USV-Systeme ZINTO 800, Line-interaktivní, 800 VA, 720 W, 176 V, 274 V, 50/60 Hz

Úvodní popis
ONLINE USV-Systeme ZINTO 800. Kategorie zdrojů nepřerušovaného napájení: Line-interaktivní, Výstupní kapacita (VA): 800 VA, Výstupní výkon: 720 W. Typy zásuvky pro napájení ze sítě: C13 rozdvojovač, Zástrčka: C14 rozdvojovač, Počet zásuvek: 8 AC zásuvky / AC zásuvek. Kapacita baterie: 7 Ah, Napětí baterie: 24 V, Typická doba zálohování při plném zatížení: 6 min. Formát: Montáž na rack / tower, Barva: Černá, Kapacita racku: 2U. Šířka: 438 mm, Hloubka: 412 mm, Výška: 88 mm

High grade: Technological advances as standard

ZINTO is the latest generation in the successful series of ON- LINE UPS systems. This generation is the result of almost 30 years of UPS experience and provides sensitive applications with power failure and data loss protection. The outstanding highlight of ZINTO is its future-oriented DYNAMIC POWER TECHNOLOGY (DPT). It dynamically adapts the output power of the UPS system to its load and increases where necessary the active power (watts) up to 90% of the UPS rated valve. More power is thus available than with conventional UPS systems. Noiseless operation is a further innovation. Under normal conditions all ZINTO up to 3000VA operate with- out fan and therefore noiseless. Another benefit is ZINTO's buck-and-boost function which electronically handles voltage fluctuations without using a battery. This increases the life expectancy and minimises ongoing costs.

ONLINE USV-Systeme AG (ONLINE) is one of the leading manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Since 1988, the German company has focussed on the develop- ment, production, sale and support of UPS systems. Based on unit numbers sold, ONLINE products are the German number one in the UPS market and internationally recognised because of their top quality and excellent support.

Convincing: Multiple applications

Cost-effective purchasing, reliable operation

ZINTO distinguishes itself by offering more power, greater autonomy times and favourable price. Thanks to its convincing features, ZINTO is the global standard for protecting critical applications from power failure, data loss and cost-intensive operational interruptions.

Reliable blood testing:

In addition to being used in classic server or IT applications ZINTO is also used in the medical sector to analyse blood samples. In this case the analysis equipment defines, for examples, values for complete and partial blood counts or is used to detect infectious diseases such as HIV, malaria, hepatitis and tuberculosis. A UPS has to be especially reliable in this area. All samples would be unusable if the power supply were to be interrupted during the process of analysis.

In economic terms: ZINTO therefore pays for itself

The new and future-oriented DYNAMIC POWER TECHNOLOGY from ONLINE USV-Systeme is considered to be a pioneering breakthrough in the UPS sector. It provides the connected load up to 38% more effective power (watts) than conventional and widely available UPS systems. A smaller UPS model with lower purchase cost can therefore be used with ZINTO.

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