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Camry CR 6410

AB Kód: 1492247

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Adler CR 6410, 6,5 l, 600 W, 10 člověk/lidí, Černá, Bílá, Keramický, Temperované sklo, LCD; Úvodní popis; Adler CR 6410. Kapacita: 6,5 l, Příkon: 600 W, Počet osob: 10 člověk/lidí. Barva: Černá, Bílá, Základní materiál: Keramický, …
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Adler CR 6410, 6,5 l, 600 W, 10 člověk/lidí, Černá, Bílá, Keramický, Temperované sklo, LCD

Úvodní popis
Adler CR 6410. Kapacita: 6,5 l, Příkon: 600 W, Počet osob: 10 člověk/lidí. Barva: Černá, Bílá, Základní materiál: Keramický, Temperované sklo, Typ displeje: LCD. Vstupní střídavé napětí: 220 – 240 V, Frekvence vstupního střídavého napětí: 50 / 60 Hz. Hmotnost: 6,32 kg. Šířka balení: 450 mm, Hloubka balení: 245 mm, Výška balení: 365 mm

Preparing a meal for a family can be time-consuming. We want the food to be aromatic, well-seasoned, and the meat juicy and with a distinct taste. Lack of time to prepare dishes that require long cooking means that sometimes we lack childhood flavours. Slow cooker CAMRY CR 6410 is a device that will allow you to recall them and prepare tasty and healthy meals while ensuring the health of the whole family!

Slow cooking and vitamins

Slow cooking is a way of fixing food that our mothers and grandmothers preferred. Thanks to it, the dishes were full of taste, you could feel every spice and vegetables and meat prepared in this way did not lose valuable vitamins and microelements. Today, we often don't have time for much cooking, but we all love gołąbki (stuffed cabbage leaves), goulash or aromatic chicken soup! The slow cooker is a product for people who want to eat healthy food and prepare meals full of nutritional value for the whole family! An electric pot that almost by itself prepares soup, broth, meat and vegetable stew, fruit jam or home-made vegetable preserves!? Yes! How is it that we keep valuable vitamins? The slow cooker needs a much lower temperature (approx. 80C), which means that it works many hours and the ingredients do not lose vitamins as it takes place when cooking at too high temperature. The capacity of up to 6.5 litres will allow you to prepare up to 10 servings of the dish. Cool-touch handles and non-slip feet make it safe to use.


The removable ceramic pot and the lid made of tempered glass make the control of the device operation and the cooking process convenient. Dishes can be cooked without constant supervision. The timer allows you to set the cooking time between 30 minutes and 24 hours. The delay start function allows you to prepare a meal for a specific time when preparing the ingredients in advance. The slow cooker has two levels of cooking temperature: low and high, which work well with different types of food. The keeping warm function is an interesting addition that will make the dish ready to serve at any time, which is useful for large family gatherings or parties. The control panel with LCD display located in an easily accessible place and the possibility of washing the pot and lid in the dishwasher are additional bonuses.

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Valerie Lonerová vie o týchto produktoch všetko :-)
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