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Zubní kartáček Blaupunkt DTS601 se systémem Sonic, je vysoce kvalitní a specializovaný výrobek pro lidi, jejichž ústní hygiena je důležitým bodem dne. Všichni víme, že... …
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Blaupunkt DTS601, Sonický, Denní péče, Masáž, Citlivý, Bílá, 2 min,30 sec, Baterie, Zabudovaná baterie

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Blaupunkt DTS601. Typ zubního kartáčku: Sonický, Režimy čištění zubů: Denní péče, Masáž, Citlivý, Barva: Bílá. Napájecí zdroj: Baterie, Typ baterie: Zabudovaná baterie. Hlava kartáčku dodávané v balení: 3 kusů

The Blaupunkt DTS601 sonic toothbrush is a high quality, specialized product for people whom oral hygiene is an important point of the day. We all know that daily care for the health of the teeth and gums is essential to enjoy a beautiful smile and fresh breath. In addition, in the absence of adequate hygiene, bacteria in the oral cavity can cause many health complications that can affect the entire body. The Blaupunkt brand has designed the DTS601 sonic toothbrush to guarantee that the cleaning performed is effective and safe.

The DTS601 is based on ultrasounds. There is a generator in the brush head, which produces very high frequency sounds, causing the shaking of the bristles. This kind of toothbrush is especially recommended for people with hypersensitivity of teeth and periodontitis, because unlike rotary heads, the sonic one is very delicate for the teeth and gums. Thanks to the UltraSonic Vibration technology, the brush head performs up to 32,000 brushing movements per minute, effectively removing plaque with sweeping movements, especially recommended by dentists. Despite the tremendous amount of vibration and high efficiency, the brush is completely safe to use. Due to the excellent penetration of the interdental space and hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, sonic toothbrushes are especially recommended for people wearing braces.

The DTS601 toothbrush offers three operating modes, giving you the opportunity to suit the working mode to your preferences and type of teeth. After choosing the first mode – gentle, the brush reduces the amount of vibration and the amplitude of the bristles deflection, which will be appreciated by people suffering from hypersensitivity or with many teeth fillings. The second program, daily, is recommended by default for everyday use by most users and offers optimum performance. After the third program – massage – is started, the head begins to pulsate quickly and slowly for change, massaging the gums and improving circulation.

The DTS601 is equipped with a two-minute timer that will allow to control the time spent on cleaning the teeth, as well as a 30-second micro-timer informing when to move to the next cleaning zone. The brush is also equipped with a function to protect against excessive pressure on the tooth surface, reducing the head vibration. This will be much appreciated by people with periodontitis and sensitive, exposed teeth necks.

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